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Custom Silk Screen Stencils

Silk Screen Stencils are different than your traditional stencil.

With regular stencils you'll see a break in the letters to connect them.

With silk screen you get the entire design with no breaks.  They are designed using a silk mesh and vinyl. 


To Use: Place your stencil shiny side down and use a looser toothpaste consistency Royal Icing and scrap across design.  Make sure to use a little pressure when scraping off to ensure your RI goes through cleanly.  I highly recommend practicing a few times before using on your cookies!

To Wash: Wash in lukewarm water, pat dry with a paper towel and lay flat to fully dry.

Silk Screen Order Form

Pricing starts at $15.  The more intricate design the price can go up

Shipping is $4 flat rate via USPS

Upload File

*** Please Note***

Submitting your request/design does not guarantee I can make your stencil.  Please do not request copyrighted/Disney designs

Processing/Design time is 4-5 Business Days

Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail

Thanks for submitting!

Cookies using Silk Screen Stencils

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