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The cold weather is moving in, so what better way to enjoy these

Fall and Winter nights than with a hot cuppa cocoa!

Mix these with steaming hot milk or coffee.

What are Hot Cocoa Bombs (HCB)?

 - These are large balls of chocolate filled with cocoa powder and marshmallows.  

How do you use these?

 - Simply add your HCB to your mug and then pour steaming hot milk or coffee over it.  Watch it pop open, then using your spoon stir till completed melted.  Please use caution when drinking bc your drink can still be hot.

Are these super sweet?

 - Sweetness is very subjective.  The balls are chocolate and there are 2 tsp of powder inside along with marshmallows.  Start with 8oz and if its too strong dilute it more.  Or if you like it super sweet start with 6oz.

How much liquid should I add?

 - Depending on how strong/sweet you prefer it.  For more intense start with 6oz.  But most should find the "sweet spot" at 8oz.  Again this is subjective to your taste buds.

***These are home produced and may have come in contact with common food allergens and food dyes***

Flavor Combinations:

 - (The Classic) Chocolate with Chocolate Cocoa

 - (White Classic) White Chocolate with White Chocolate Cocoa

 - (Christmas Spirit) White Chocolate with Peppermint Cocoa

 - (Unicorn) Vanilla Chocolate with Strawberry and White Chocolate Cocoa

 - (Nutter Butter) Peanut Butter with White Chocolate Cocoa

 - (Cafe) Espresso with Caramel Macchiato Cocoa

 - (Cookies n Creme) Cookies n Creme with Chocolate and White Chocolate Cocoa

 - (Buckeye) Chocolate with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cocoa

 - (French Vanilla Latte) White Chocolate with French Vanilla Coffee

 - (Mint Chocolate) Chocolate with Chocolate and Mint


Requests/Orders for HCB will be done in the order they are received and date requested.  Delays may happen if supplies are out of stock.

***Reminder I do not ship***

***Please Note***

All baked goods are produced in a home kitchen where diary,

nuts and other food allergens are used.

Under Ohio Cottage Laws I can not ship any baked goods